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Reduces hand and foot injuries

On site dangersThe Cross-Bone’s clever design means it readily
slides together without the need for tools prone to causing injury.

It does not require the nails, saws and hammers needed for making timber strip profiles.

Nails and splintered wood remain a major potential hazard to site workers and visitors when wooden profiles on site are knocked over or left lying around.


No sledgehammers

Minimised riskOnly requires a lump hammer to sink the spike into all types of ground conditions.

Considerably reduces the risk of back, hand and knee injuries from the more demanding and often precarious use of a sledgehammer.




Clearly visible

Bright orangeBright orange Cross-Bone profiles are clearly visible in all weather conditions, significantly reducing the likelihood of trip and collision hazards.

Cross-Bone profiles can be quickly removed from vulnerable areas on site at the end of the working day and, because of the unique Cross-Bone referencing system, are easily replaced in the morning. A site without profiles to knock over or destroy is much less attractive to vandals and thieves.

Even when left on sites Cross-Bones are far less attractive to thieves than many other materials – a secure site reduces these risks.