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Recent advances in site engineering and surveying include the now commonplace use of hand-held global positioning systems (GPS) that enable engineers to position profiles quickly and accurately.

However the time, efficiency and accuracy gains from these modern advances are then completely lost as the subsequent setting up of site profiles remains archaic and slow, with profiles knocked together from old bits of wood.

Cross-Bone changes that by offering an equally efficient and complementary advance for the rapid profiling of slopes, cambers, gradients, dips and rises - situations where it is very difficult for a laser system to do an
equivalent job.

Designed by John Turner, who has 15 years practical experience of the construction industry, the Cross-Bone is manufactured and marketed by Thirty Design. The product has been developed over 2 years and was awarded the Entrepreneurship Award at the University of Brighton Innovation Awards in 2005.

Thirty Design is an independent product design consultancy offering complete creative and innovative design services and project management. The team of associates has a strong engineering and creative aesthetic background and offers a mix of creative skills and technical expertise.

For more information contact John Turner.


“The advantage of reduced injuries (no more hammer accidents) may interest the safety department.”

Owen Newton - Edmund Nuttall

“Rather than plant drivers running over profiles etc. they can simply remove the stake from the spike pass by then put it up again. Same on a night profiles can be numbered and removed, preventing kids pulling them down.”

John Buxton - Lewis Buxton Groundworks Ltd

“Pegs really good, much easier to knock in accurately than timber stakes.”

Ian Jackson - Laser Group

“Very fast and easy adjustment of sight board (major advantage).This system will offer an advantage to engineers in that it offers a quick adaptable system that lends itself to a one-man operation.”

Owen Newton - Edmund Nuttall

“We have set up a few profiles today using the cross-bone system. It is definitely quicker than the traditional method. I am very impressed with the set up and my site engineer is also very happy with it. The benefits of it are very easy to spot from a time needed to put up profiles point of view. We hope to persuade the powers that be to purchase a few sets because it will definitely help us!!”

Marc Wouda - Senior Engineer Roads - Alfred McAlpine Project Services

“We are currently working on a major project on jct 2 of the A2 near Dartford. I have just been introduced to your new profile system I tried for the first time yesterday. I found the system very easy to use and much quicker than the conventional wood profile system. It will also act as a massive saving on money for timber and wood which would normally be used. I think this is a very good system that we could benefit from.”

Jason Spencer - Costain Ltd

“I have just completed the installation of a new 90mm Rising Main from a sewage pumping station to a treatment works in Redesdale, Northumberland on behalf of Northumbrian Water. We usually lay drains using pipe lasers to give the accuracy required, particularly on very flat grades but lasers are not practical for this kind of work so I used the Cross-Bone system of profiles instead & was very impressed with speed of erection, ease of use (pegs are very easy to drive) & particularly the ability to remove profiles after a day's work, leaving pegs intact. This saves Engineer's time in coming back to reset those gone 'missing' overnight & may well discourage uninvited visitors from coming on site in the first place. Congratulations on coming up with such a practical piece of kit!”

Bill Wickham F.Inst.C.E.S. - Graydon Dawson Ltd

"As with the majority of successful products, Cross-Bone is the result of a beautifully simple concept approached from a new angle which has now been implemented with the user at the core of the development process."

Dr Mark Jones – University of Brighton

"The Cross-Bone's outstanding potential was evident from the start as was John Turner's vision, professionalism and determination, a winning combination for commercial success"

Jane L North Business Woman of the Year – North Nine

“Initial set up looks very neat and tidy compared to timber. The operatives like them as they’re so bright and easy to see. They are as quick to reposition as you say.”

Ian Jackson - Laser Group

“The Entrepreneurship Award for students was presented to John Turner, for ‘Cross-Bone’, a novel method for controlling road alignment during construction, which saves time and money. John’s outstanding entrepreneurship was in recognising the opportunities presented by a historical concept for 21st century application."

extract from Press Release